We love teaching Turkish to our students and we think that shows in the feedback we gather. Take a look at a few of the comments we have had from our students about their experience with our Turkish tutor.

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“Esra has been a wonderful teacher for me. The teaching methods Esra has used have given me the skills and confidence to use Türkçe when I get to Turkey at the end of the month. I have found Esra to be patient and supportive and has pitched the lessons at the right level for me. The lessons have been planned specifically for me and I have received support materials throughout the course and further materials to help me when I am living there.I could not be more pleased and satisfied with tuition I have received from Esra ”
R.McRae 08/10/2009
“I am a Head Teacher of a Primary School who decided at the end of the summer holiday last year I wanted to spend a year of my life in Turkey. Obviously with that decision made I need to learn Turkish, so I contacted Esra.I shared lessons and eventually took individual lessons for about 10 months. Esra was a very patient teacher, even when I hadn’t done my homework due to my workload! Esra caters for a variety of learning styles so I was able to pick and choose the way I learnt. I have never learnt a language before; I don’t seem to have the ability. However with Esra’s support and encouragement I left for my year with a smattering of Turkish and the ability to understand how to put simple sentences together. Hurrah! Clutching my newly learnt phrases and my little book of verbs that Esra provided me with, I boarded the plane for my year away. The Turkish people in Dalyan have been very pleased to see that I have made an effort to learn their language. The Turkish family I spend a lot of time with are amused at my efforts but are patient and a little impressed. I am able to sit with the ladies for an afternoon and feel that we have communicated well; laughed, joked and discussed the world going by over a glass of Turkish tea. I am the one who is impatient as whilst I am improving I only wish I could do so more quickly. I wouldn’t have been able to settle in so quickly had I not had the basics taught to me by Esra. I recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn with a competent and engaging teacher. I couldn’t have wished for a better learning experience. Görüşürüz”
Zoe 19/01/2012
“Esra has been teaching Turkish to my daughter Isabella for around 7 years and we are delighted with the progress she has made in that time I speak Turkish fluently but it is a great regret of mine that I didn't teach her the language when she was a baby. However finding Esra locally meant that Isabella is now at a level where she is able to understand most of the Turkish spoken round her and can get involved in conversations when she feels confident. Esra teaches with enthusiasm and makes the lessons fun for her students and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone wishing to learn Turkish.”
Sema 21/02/2012
"During the number of years when I was having lessons with Esra, she was always very professional, patient and dedicated. Esra put great emphasis on teaching us the vocabulary and grammar. Esra has very innovative ideas to help you learn. I have no hesitation in recommending Esra as teacher."
Andrea 16/06/2012
"As my parents live in a small farming village in Turkey I wanted to learn Turkish to feel a part of the community and to understand the language. Esra has been teaching me for two and a half years and I have found her lessons fun and informative enabling me to have the confidence and the knowledge to talk to people in Turkey. Esra tailors the class to individual needs and abilities and is open to requests from her students. She has patience and understanding when something doesn't click and is more than happy to recap anything and to work at your pace. I would highly recommend Esra and her lessons to anyone wanting to learn Turkish in a relaxed, informal and yet fun way!"
Mel 22/09/2012
"I had a great time learning with you, my progress was exceptionally good due to your personalized teaching methods and I'm sure I will have the confidence to speak in Turkish due to our lessons. Thank you for pushing me forward."
A. 20/09/2012
"Merhaba Esra Umarim iyisiniz. I enjoyed your lessons as they were always interesting and you tried to make them fun to attend. I found you to a very patient teacher, in my case very patient indeed. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any friends that wanted to learn Turkish. Gorusuruz"
Phill 27/09/2012
"I would like to take this opportunity to say that in my opinion you are a fantastic teacher - you make the Turkish lessons easy to follow and fun! I would not dream of being taught Turkish by anyone other than Esra!! Your language teaching service is very professional and you inspire your students to learn."
Julia 28/09/2012
"Esra had a very structured approach , good quality of handouts and materials. She was very prompt at marking homework and any feed back issues. People in Turkey have been very impressed by my range of vocabulary and grammar which was all down to Esra's teaching. I would have no hesitation at recommending Esra as a teacher as she is so passionate for you to learn."
A. Bellamy 30/09/2012
"I have been studying Turkish with Esra for two years now and I am delighted with my progress so far! My husband is Turkish and I wanted to learn the language so I could speak to his family, as they do not speak English. The course has helped me with this immensely, my knowledge and confidence has increased dramatically and I am now able to have conversations in Turkish. As the lessons are in small private groups you are able to learn a lot more in a shorter space of time. Esra encourages you to learn at your own pace and is happy to adapt her teaching methods to suit you and what you would like to learn. I would definitely recommend Esra’s lessons to anyone wishing to learn the Turkish language!"
Emma 22/11/2012
"I would like to say the quality of tuition was high, the material was easy to follow and by asking me to make a diary the method of learning was flexible while being progressive. Even though I would of preferred face to face tuition, the Skype lessons were very good as they fitted well around my work hours. The customer service was good in fact I could easily rearrange sessions and I would definitely recommend you based on the patience you showed a new learner.."
Josh Skype Student 21/07/2013
Sevgili Esra, Bize Türkçe öğrettiğin, zaman ve çaba için çok teşekkür ederiz. (Dear Esra, Thank you for time, effort and Teaching us Turkish.)
David ve Helen 30/08/2013
"My husband and I started learning Turkish with Esra a year and a half ago, many of our friends are surprised we actually stuck at it. It is all down to the teacher “Esra” she makes the lesson great fun and her passion for teaching is so evident. She is always well prepared, provides encouragement and assistance, and has excellent teaching skills to make difficult grammar concepts seem easy! Esra utilises different resources and approaches which make lessons fun and relevant. We have since recommended her to four of our friends and I am sure they will agree with my comments. Cok tesekkur ederim Esra!
Isabel and Mark 23/03/2014
"I have been taking Turkish lessons with Esra for the last three years and they have been very enjoyable Esra goes out of her way to ensure that the lessons are tailored to my needs. Esra is flexible in her approach and is very supportive, happy to go over anything I do not understand and goes at a pace to suit me individually. I would highly recommend Esra to anyone wishing to learn Turkish and considering taking lessons."
S.Whitehouse 24/03/2014
" I would definitely recommend Esra to anyone wishing to learn Turkish. She is an enthusiastic and supportive teacher who always manages to make her lessons fun. She is very flexible, adapting her teaching to accommodate different learning styles and catering to her individual students level of understanding"
Lynn 06/04/2014
"My husband and I have been attending weekly Turkish lessons with Esra for around five months. We thoroughly enjoy our lessons and have learned a lot in quite a short time. Esra is passionate about her teaching and she has an excellent style; she is friendly, patient, methodical and easy to understand, and she is clearly very keen to ensure that we learn well, work hard and have fun while we’re doing it. We are so pleased we found Esra and we can’t imagine that we could find anyone better."
Claire and Matthew 25/03/2014
Since February 2014 I have been undertaking Turkish lessons with Esra via Skype. From the initial contact Esra identified my learning style prior to commencing my lessons and has adapted material to suit my needs. If I have a question or contact Esra outside my allocated lesson time, Esra responds promptly and is always happy to answer any questions and provide support. In addition Esra has introduced me to relevant learning materials and communicated these via email so I can easily access them and refer to this during lessons or in my own time. My learning experience has been very enjoyable. I can highly recommend Esra as a reliable individual, who is an expert in her field and provides a fun and positive learning experience.
Cherie Skype Student 07/08/2014
Having decided to study Turkish for work purposes, I needed a Turkish teacher to inspire me and make my learning experience interesting. As I had learned languages before, I already had my preferable learning pattern, thus was looking for the teacher that could adapt to it rather then making me follow the general route. I have tried to speak to a few people teaching Turkish and finally was lucky to meet Esra, as she can explain the language nuances both simply and at academic level, and uses a variety of different methods which makes the learning process more interactive. I have been taking lessons for 3 months now and it has been a very interesting, entertaining and completely stress-free experience for me. This is also my first experience of taking lessons via Skype, and I am very pleased with it as it proved to be very efficient and even more convenient then traditional classes. I was very cautious in the beginning, but now having tried it I am very happy as have busy life and do not have to waste time on commute!
Irina Skype Student 18/08/2014
Merhaba herkese, My wife and I have would like to thank Esra for her patience and how she has taught us both Türkçe over two terms. We started without knowing a single word spoken or written, we can now speak,read and write basic Turkish. I would highly recommend Esra as she uses different teaching techniques to suit the individuals learning capabilities, making it fun along the way whilst always offering support between lessons each week. Çok teşekkür ederim,
Jeff & Sheralyn Snares 25/08/2014
I have been having Turkish lessons with Esra for approximately 18 months. They are small friendly groups and Esra takes time to make sure everyone is working to the same pace. The atmosphere is lovely and relaxing and Esra is always happy to answer any questions you may have, even if you think they are irrelevant. I stopped my lessons for a few months while I was preparing for my wedding, however Esra still stayed in touch and was happy to help if I needed her to. On my return from holiday I will resume my lessons with Esra as I felt so comfortable and relaxed with her. I would highly recommend Esra as she is professional, friendly and above all, excellent at her job. Teşekkür ederim Esra and I will see you on my return from Turkey. Saygılar
Lisa Kaygusuz 29/08/2014